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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
09/26/1793 Rani Rashmoni, great nationalist and social worker, was born in Kona village, 24 Parganas (north), West Bengal.
09/26/1820 Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (Banerji), great Indian educationist, social reformer, litterateur, father of Bengali prose and who gave the Bengalees their first Primer in 1855, was born in the village of Birsingha in Midnapore district of Bengal.
09/26/1904 R. V. Jagirdar, famous Kannad play writer, was born.
09/26/1911 Prat Kumar Sinha, cricket Test empire for 2 tests from 1948-53, was born in Bengal.
09/26/1919 Rotary Club's first Indian meeting was held.
09/26/1923 Dev Anand, film producer, director and actor, was born.
09/26/1931 At Lancashire, Gandhi sees textile workers hurt by Indian boycott but says home spinning must go on.
09/26/1931 Vijay Laxman Manjrekar, cricketer (father of Sanjay, reliable Indian batsman), was born in Bombay.
09/26/1932 Gandhiji breaks fast on Indian government's acceptance of his demand regarding Harijans.
09/26/1932 Dr. Manmohan Singh, former finance minister, economist and Governor of R.B.I., was born.
09/26/1946 Gandhiji was interviewed with Wavell.
09/26/1956 Laxmanrao Kirloskar, great social reformer, industrialist, patriot and founder of the Kirloskar Industries, passed away at the age of 88.
09/26/1975 Notification to pay equal payment to both men and women workers was promulgated.
09/26/1975 Constitution (39th Amendment) Bill 1975, placing election of the President, Vice President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the Lok Sabha beyond the scrutiny of the judiciary, approved by Parliament.
09/26/1977 Uday Shankar (Chowdhury), producer and director of dance-based film 'Kalpana', passed away. He was the elder brother of Pandit Ravishankar. His main achievement was the blending of the Indian classical style with the Western Ballet and various folk dances.
09/26/1979 Charan Singh launches a new party called the Lok Dal.
09/26/1985 P.T. Usha sets record for 100m (Women) in 11.39 seconds at Jakarta.
09/26/1991 Ordinance to amend MRTP Act and the Companies Act totally removes pre-entry restrictions on new industrial houses and expansion of the existing ones.
09/26/1992 Indian Airlines hike fare by 9 percent.
09/26/1996 CBI chargesheeted Rao in St. Kitts case.
09/26/1996 High Court rejected Rao's petition for anticipatory bail in Pathak cheating case.
09/26/1996 Deve Gowda, PM, takes oath as Rajya Sabha member. He was the first PM to enter parliament through RS. Indira Gandhi was already a RS member when elected leader in 1966.
09/26/1998 Sachin Tendulkar make a record 127 runs against Zimbabwe at Calcutta.
09/26/1999 Six selected for Shanti Swaroop award for Science.
09/26/1999 Atal Behari Vajpayee, Prime Minister, dispatched a team of experts to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to assess the water storage position.


Other Historical Dates and Events
08/15/1950Earthquake measuring 8.6 on Richter Scale hits Assam in north eastern India claiming 11,000 lives.
01/28/1992Umanath Vachaspati, Magsesey Award winner, passed away.
06/09/1991Raj Khosla, famous film producer and director, passed away.
03/08/1833Vishwanath Narayan Mandalik, famous journalist, writer and social reformer, was born.
09/23/1999India rejects Pakistan's proposal for an international conference on arms control.
06/18/1993Sunil Mittal, businessman, denies getting any money from Harshad Mehta.
12/11/1780Goddard General, Bassein fort was captured near Bombay.
02/20/1999India and Pakistan signed a formal agreement for launching the Delhi-Lahore bus service.
06/24/1989A majority of opposition members in the Lok Sabha resign on the issue of CAG report on the Bofors gun deal.
07/05/1968Naval Submarine wing in Indian Naval Force came into existence with the arrival of the first submarine from the Soviet Union.