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Urvashi Dholakia’s return sets stage for intense custody battle in ‘Pushpa Impossible’

Author : IANS

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Mumbai, Sep 20 (IANS) Actress Urvashi Dholakia is returning to the television show ‘Pushpa Impossible’ and will set the stage for an intense drama with portrayal.

‘Pushpa Impossible’ follows the journey of the titular character (essayed by Karuna Pandey), who is a single mother and confronts life's challenges with determination and positivity. In recent episodes, the show takes an unexpected turn when Ayushi (Gunjan Bhatia) comes to the forefront and discloses that she is Golu's (Hans Aslot) biological mother and intends to pursue legal action to get his custody.

This revelation is met with strong opposition from Mahendra (Amish Tanna), who has been Golu's guardian for a significant time.

In the upcoming episodes, Urvashi Dholakia's powerful return as Devi Singh Shekhawat, the brilliant lawyer, is driven by this newfound purpose. Initially hesitant to take up the custody case, Devi witnesses how much trouble Mahendra and Pushpa are in, and she agrees to take on their case.

Talking about the same, Urvashi Dholakia said: “‘Pushpa Impossible’ is an impactful show that beautifully portrays the strength of family bonds, where individuals always stand by each other in difficult times.

“The excitement of returning to the show is very high as the viewers expressed a strong desire to see me back in this role. It's heartwarming to be part of a show that resonates deeply with its audience and emphasises the significance of support within a community.”

‘Pushpa Impossible’ airs Monday to Saturday on Sony SAB.



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